Berea Kennels
American & British Labradors Bred for the Field and Family
All dogs sold with Full Registration
About us: Berea Kennels is the realization of a dream of ours.  As longtime dog people we've always wanted to operate a
top-notch gundog kennel with the facilities and grounds to do things right.  Already possessing excellent foundation
stock who had all the traits too often lacking in many of today's Labradors we only had to find that perfect place on which
to begin.  That spot turned out to be a small farm in Virginia where we had the space to release birds and water to work
young retrievers.  We chose to concentrate on gundogs with strong natural instincts for the field while maintaining the
status of the lab as the ultimate family dog.  All of our dogs work for us for the love of what they do.  All trained easily
with little pressure with old-fashioned praise, consistency, and firmness.  None of our dogs require an E-collar to do
their jobs nor do we force fetch our dogs, choosing instead to breed retrievers who retrieve due to that inborn drive
they can't refuse.  We make no judgements concerning either, both have their merits and place, but rather think that
breeding stock should possess the best instincts for the work they do.  We enjoy our dogs for upland birds, waterfowl,
and rabbit hunting over a retriever is a joy as well as great for steadying up.                                                                               
We tried to put together an informative site, take your time look through it and contact us if you have any questions.  We
are not the biggest breeder out there and don't want to be.  But we are able to spend time training, socializing and
above all, hunting our dogs to produce some of the best available and our interest doesn't end with the sale.  We
welcome updates and questions concerning pups and dogs sold here.  Lastly we hope we can help you with your next
retriever purchase.
Update 11/15/2014. Our kennel is currently not producing litters. We do not cull our dogs due to age.
They are family members who deserve to enjoy their retirement where they have lived their whole lives.
This creates problems of kennel space. We have new dogs coming on now and not only will be back to
breeding top notch labs from our proven bloodlines but will be adding German Short Hairs too!
Working as a group.
One of our past litters.
German Shorthaired Pointers, Coming Soon.